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After years of being the number one closer for the Atlanta Braves, TeamWohlers of Solid Source Realty is here to close the deal on your new home!

I first stepped onto the scene in Atlanta when I made my debut with the Braves in 1991. I am the third fastest recorded pitcher in baseball history, having thrown a pitch recorded at 103 miles per hour during the 1995 season – the year that I earned the job as a closer. I went on to record 97 saves over the next three seasons, also saving the 1–0 victory in the clinching Game 6 of the 1995 World Series, establishing myself as one of the best closers in the majors and helping Atlanta claim its only World Championship.

Having retired from my baseball career, my wife, Kimberly, and I once again call Atlanta our home. We formed our real estate business, TeamWohlers, and joined Solid Source in 2013. We have since made it our priority to deliver an unmatched level of dedication, loyalty, customer service, and attention to detail for all our clients.

Whether you are a first time Home Buyer, Real Estate Investor or looking to build, my wife and I have been through it all. When our first home burned beyond repair, we rebuilt from the ground up. After selling that home years later, we purchased our current home and spent six months renovating. Whatever your situation is, we will go to bat for you!!!

In addition, TeamWohlers has a unique edge that better enables us to serve the Atlanta Braves community. I am an insider who knows the luxury home market in Atlanta as well as the needs of players and their families living in or moving to Georgia. Because I have walked in their cleats, I know and understand what it’s like to take on the home buying process while balancing the demanding schedule of a career in baseball. With eight years of playing in Atlanta, I can be empathetic towards what you are going through, what you are interested in, and the types of homes you want to own. I have lived, experienced, and proven my expertise in the field.

TeamWohlers understands that when you’re buying a home, you’re in one of the most vulnerable situations you’ll face in life. The outcome will influence a family’s finances, lifestyle, and well-being. This is why TeamWohlers is ready to go to bat for you! We truly look out for the best interests of our clients and we are ready to be the team that you can depend on.

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